Host 1 Podcast or 100 Podcasts. Never Pay Extra.

We'll don't believe in penalizing you for your creativity. That's why don't get charged for extra shows. 

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If you don't exceeed your monthly download limit, you'll be able to have as many shows as you want. 

Why would you even want multiple shows?

That's a good question. At it's core, a podcast is a creative's playground. Because of this, you may not find the perfect theme, format, length, etc. the first time around. Even if you do, some of your audience members will prefer somethign slightly different. 

The ability to quickly create more shows allows you to experiment and boost your subscribes and downloads across multiple channels.

  • Test different show themes and angles until you find the one that resonates with your audience the most
  • Play with the length of the episodes until you arrive at the sweet spot (30 minute episodes ideal for commuters or 2 hour marathons that encourge listeners to block off chunks of time)
  • Figure out the best format to deliver enaging content to your audience (interviews, you and a co-host, you dispensing sage wisdom alone). 

Add a new podcast with a few clicks

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Publish unlimited series and episodes to grow your audience the way you choose. 

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